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About Us

Cory Hruby, the founder of Hruby Mechanical, Inc is originally from Santa Rosa, California and was employed as a factory technician at the Kval manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA beginning the year 2000. He has built many different types of Kval machinery from the ground up, both technically and mechanically, while doing field installations and field service to many different brands of machinery as well. In 2003 Kval made a business offer to Cory, which was to relocate in Georgia and continue to serve the Kval service department from his home office, due to his wide range of knowledge to the machinery and customer satisfaction. Cory has expert knowledge with Norfield, Ruvo and Full-House Machinery as well.

Cory has built a leading edge reputation throughout the country with many major manufacturing facilities in the industry. Cory eventually turned in his resignation to Kval at the end of 2005. He then started Hruby Mechanical, Inc in Jan 2006, after working with Kval for 5+ years. Cory continues to support Kval, Norfield Ruvo & Full-House machinery and works with them to make sure our customers are supported with leading edge support.

Machinery Services

Preventative Maintenance
Machinery Upgrades
Onsite Machinery Refurbishing
Machinery Setup & Operator Training

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Our Advantage

  • * MULTI-POINT checklist inspection per machine on all service calls
  • * Nationally recognized for complete satisfaction
  • * Emergency calls available
  • * Competitive pricing guaranteed
  • * Parts discount when using our field services
  • * We guarantee our work
  • * Serve customers nationwide